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Thank you for logging on to Biohealth Medical Laboratory's website. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Richard Hadeed (certified Medical Technologist). I graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology. I have also obtained licensure from the State of Florida, the American Society of Clinical Pathologist (ASCP), and from the National Credentialing Agency (NCA). After graduating, I was employed at Jackson Memorial Hospital (currently Jackson Health System) in Miami, Florida for three years where I gained additional experience in the fields of Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Immunohematology, and Microbiology (the five major areas of a medical laboratory). In December of 2002, I established Biohealth Medical Laboratory (BML), located upstairs GiGi Plaza on Market & Nevis Streets. BML specializes in complete blood and body fluid analysis and is operated by myself and my wife, Maria Laura Martin-Hadeed (also a Medical Technologist), along with a team of professional staff.





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• Certified & Experienced Medical Technologists
• Professional & Friendly Staff
• Fully Automated & Computerized facility
• Accurate, timely, and confidential results
• On-call Service
• Great location and easy access
• Air-conditioned, clean, and comfortable environment
• Access to free newsletters with topics of interest and helpful information
• Patient privacy and reports are always respected and kept confidential
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