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Biohealth  Medical  Laboratory
GiGi Plaza, Market & Nevis Sts.
P.O. Box 1307
St. John’s, Antigua W.I.
Tel: (268)562-3738 / 4748   Fax: (268)462-2657

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Frequently Asked Questions


What are BML’s days and hours of operation?


BML is open from Mondays through Fridays from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. No appointments required.

Does BML offer an “On-call” Service?


BML does offer an “on-call” service (throughout Antigua only). There is no other collection centers other than our main location. Individuals interested in setting up an appointment must contact the lab for availability and more information.

Do I need to fast before having my sample collected?


Because some laboratory tests do require a patient to be fasting prior to sample collection, it is always advisable to call the lab to determine your requirement.

Are there any other special patient preparation procedure(s) I need to know before having a test done?


Depending on the tests being ordered by your healthcare provider, you may require additional information on how to appropriately prepare yourself. Some tests may include Urine Cultures, 24 hour Urine Analysis, Semen Analysis, Occult Blood Detection / Testing, and other specialized tests. Patients are advised to call the lab for information about the proper collection procedures for these samples.

Can anyone request laboratory test(s)?


BML accepts both doctor’s referrals and “walk-ins”. Patients can certainly request laboratory tests themselves, however BML advises caution on this approach. Neither BML nor its staff members are qualified in advising patients on what test(s) to take, result interpretation, diagnosis, or treatment options. Please call the lab for further information.

Can BML help patients interpret their lab results?


All questions relating to test result interpretation should be addressed to your healthcare provider. Your doctor would be the one responsible to provide you with any medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, and / or monitoring you may need. This is often done in combination with a medical history, physical exam, and / or other diagnostic procedures.

What types of tests does BML offer?


BML specializes in complete blood and body fluid analysis as well as testing in other specialized areas.

- Blood
- Body Fluids (urine, stool, semen, sputum, other ...)
- Biopsies
- Cytology
- DNA analysis
- Genetic testing
- Other Samples (swab samples for analysis)

Are my results confidential?  


Yes. The management and staff of BML adhere to strict confidentiality of both patient information and test results. Information is never released unless permission is granted.